About us


We are Harm and Rens from Utrecht (Holland) and we bought a plot in the Eastern Algarve in June 2020 with 3 farms in ruins. We have worked very hard for 18 months to convert these ruins into 5 beautiful, modern holiday homes, but completely in the old Portuguese style.


We live with our daughter Puk in one of the 5 houses. She was born here last January!

We rent out the other 4 houses. We think it is very important that every home has sufficient privacy, so we have taken this into account when building.


In the Netherlands, Harm worked as a wine specialist and sommelier in the hospitality industry and Rens as a social worker in mental health care. The work was fun but we wanted something new and adventurous. That's why we took the leap and we left for Portugal to buy something and start building.

We are currently still working on the garden. Keep an eye on the website and social media to follow our progress.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our holiday homes and offering you an unforgettable time!


Greetings Harm & Rens